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Village Voice
"Its tone is pitched somewhere between the droll loquacity of Whit Stillman and the dreamy surrealism of Buñuel....
That it manages to so seamlessly reconcile the two is perhaps its major achievement."

"Long story short, it's amazing"

"If you could put a healing balm on the psychic wound that is the '80s, it would probably contain a dose of the original toxin.
Blondes in the Jungle is just such a remedy ... [it] takes a panoramic view, at the same time gently revealing hypocrisies and
reveling in a surplus of pleasures."

Bad Lit
"Blondes in the Jungle is a cheerful, genial and strange comedy, yet it's so good-natured and screwy that it's easy to go along
with all of the improbable happenings - and there's certainly plenty of those. Plus, the scenery is absolutely beautiful to look at
with gorgeous cinematography by Horn."

"Mumblecore to admire: at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Blondes in the Jungle by Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn."

Sara Blaylock, curator
"Sexual appeal, adventure appeal, and voyeuristic appeal with super funny dialogue and great delivery."

Pitchfork Media
"The film's soundtrack features contributions from a cross-section of the NYC indie rock mafia...
Listen to the haunting track "The Fountain", by Julianna Barwick and Aa's John Atkinson, here."

Daily Candy: The Weekend Guide
"Saved by the Bell meets Werner Herzog"

Interview with Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn, directors
"We think of ourselves as Eric Rohmer if he were retarded."

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